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Description of Mammae Soft Ivory Breastfeeding Bra F-G 85-90

Mammae is the only nursing bra in the world which
you can use to nurse your baby in a discrete manner.
You will feel at ease wherever you are and whoever you
are with.

It’s up to you to choose whether you cover or bare your

The inner bra with extra powernet and underwire gives the necessary support

  •     Natural lift
  •     Breasts are nicely shaped
  •     You look slimmer
  •     Gravity has less effect, minimising the appearance of (painful) bra lines.
Your breasts rest supported during nursing
Better nipple protection
Mummy’s with heavy chests and/or a nipple that’s
directed towards the floor deserve a Mammae.
Mammae makes sure that the nipple is easily accessible so the baby can latch onto the breast in a correct and efficient manner.


Use of Mammae Soft Ivory Breastfeeding Bra F-G 85-90

It is important for breastfeeding women to wear the right sized nursing bra in order to avoid pinching. A bra that pinches can block the milk ducts and may lead to infection.

Step 1:

Measure the band size
Always measure with a measuring tape. You obtain the band size by measuring around your back and underneath the breasts.
Too big? If the band rises up at the back (ie. is curved rather than a horizontal line), the band size is too big. You can see this as the underwire will sit on the breasts. This should be avoided, as it can lead to blocked milk ducts.
What to do:Try a bra with a smaller band size.
Note: this could mean you will need a larger cup size.
Too small?The band size should not leave an indent or mark on the body; if it does this means the band size is too small. You should be able to slip two fingers easily beneath the band.
What to do:Try a bra with a larger band size.
Note: this could mean you will need a smaller cup size.

Step 2:

Adjusting shoulder strap
Shoulder straps should neither cut into or fall off the shoulder. To minimize gaps at the side and/or top cup, the straps must be adjusted accordingly.
If straps cut into the shoulders:
Lengthen the straps. If there is insufficient support for your breasts, try a smaller band sized bra and possibly a larger cup.
If the shoulder straps are too loose:
Shorten the length of the straps.

Step 3:


Is the mother already breastfeeding?
Has she just finished breastfeeding?
You should take into account that her breasts will soon
fill up with milk. Always try the bra with a nursing pad and make sure that she can slide her hand between the nursing pad and the nursing hole. Then she has enough room when her breasts fill with milk.
Are the breasts full of milk?
It is perfectly acceptable if the bra fits tightly. Check that she
can open the flap easily and that the elastic fits loosely on her breast. The inner bra should not be too tight! During breastfeeding she needs to be able to open the flap
easily. If this fails, the inner bra is too small.
Is the mother still pregnant?
Her breasts may continue to grow during pregnancy
and when breastfeeding. It’s different for every woman. In general breasts increase one cup size during breastfeeding. Don’t purchase a bra until after the eighth month. Try the bra with nursing pads in place. Make sure that she can slide her hand between the nursing pad and the nursing hole and
sell the bra one cup size larger.
Note: this is an average calculation; she should be able to open the flap easily when breastfeeding and the elastic should
fit loosely and comfortably on her breast.
What can you do about it?

  1.  If the inner cup is too loose, try a smaller cup size.  Note: this may mean a larger band size.
  2. The inner bra should not pinch: If the opening is too small and cuts into the breast, try a larger cup size. When feeding the flap should sit loosely against the breast (see photo).

Step 4:

Check Underwire

A well-fitted underwired bra offers extra support. Be careful that the underwire itself encloses the whole breast and sits firmly on the ribcage (not on the breasts). The Mammae underwire bra has been specially designed for nursing breasts. Thanks to
their ergonomic design they do not sit on the breast and there is sufficient room in them when the breast fills up with milk.
What can you do about it?
If the underwire pinches the breast, the cup is too small. Try a larger cup, which could mean selecting a smaller band size.
€ 39,95
€ 35,96

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