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Leaflet of Performance Pure Whey Pistachio 15 g

Description of Performance Pure Whey Pistachio

Your body deserves only the best ! Each time you exercise, you give and demand the best from yourself! Essential amino acids cannot be produced by our body itself, therefore we have to turn to our nutrition or supplementation. ThePure Wheyprotein shake delivers you all the complex essential amino acids, which the body needs to function. 

The shake provides your body with protein with a good amino acid profile and this in a very efficient way. Pure Whey alsodelivers high-grade peptides, fractions and important minerals like calcium and magnesium. The whey proteins used are filtrated out of milk by means of cross-flow microfiltration. During cross-flow microfiltration, unwanted components like fat and lactose can be removed, but other unique fractions remain conserved in the raw material. 

Pure Whey contains also a very high dosis of glutamine and bcaa’s, the most important amino acids for muscle construction and muscle recovery. It is known that a shortage of proteins can lead to a loss of muscle and a delayed recovery! When you drink a Pure Wheyshake after sports, it provides you with a faster and better recovery, preservation and further muscle mass building! Are you following a protein diet?Pure Wheyis your perfect partner! There are 23g proteins in 1 shake, with low carbohydrates and low fat. The Pure Whey shakes are very easy to mix, with milk as with water, and do not create a bloated feeling after drinking


9 delicious high qualitative protein shakes for people having a healthy, sportif and active life!
- Contains more than 23g of proteins per portion
- Unique amino acid profile, high in Bcaa’s and glutamine for muscle recovery and building
- Low carbohydrates, only 2g of sugar per portion
- Low fat level
- Mixes extremely well 9 delicious tastes
- Does not create a bloated feeling after drinking
- Can be used as a protein diet or a low-carb diet

Use of Performance Pure Whey Pistachio

Mix 30g (1measuring scoop) with 300 ml of skimmed milk or water 2 times a day.

Ingredients Performance Pure Whey Pistachio


Download the leaflet for the complete nutritional value overview of the shakes


Contains a source of phenylalanine and soy lecithin. Contains milk (lactose), soy or derivates thereof.
€ 0,30
€ 0,27
(€ 1,80 / 100 g)
Product no longer available

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