Performance Joint Support Glucosamine 120 capsules

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Leaflet of Performance Joint Support Glucosamine 120 capsules

Description of Performance Joint Support Glucosamine

Sports and arthritis, inflammation of the joint.
Every athlete suffers from it in his career because the same joints are always burdened by repeated training. Cartilage is broken down and in the end this process leads to pain ! By getting older our joints wear out and this may cause quite some discomfort. Cartilage is a soft and smooth tissue. Together with the moisture being produced in the joint, it enables supple movements ensuring in this way that bones smoothly glide over each other without rubbing or crunching. Moreover, cartilage is very supple and that is why it is able to reduce the impact of jerks and jolts when running, jumping and weight training … If the cartilage is damaged due to repeated injuries, the supple functioning of the joint will decrease and arthrosis (or infl ammation of the joints) will develop. It is a widespread problem in the world of sports. At the same time it is the answer to the question why so many antifl ammatory agents are taken.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are taken to keep the joints supple
There are also food supplements which may help. So, you do not always have to rely on medication. They speed up recovery and keep the joints supple. Glucosamine and chrondroitin are natural parts of the cartilage. Our own body produces glucosamine and chrondroitin but its production is too small to recover fast enough. It is scientifically proved that both substances stimulate the production of joint cartilage and reduce its degradation.

Effective in the long term
The substances are only effective after a couple of weeks. So, they are not the right means for the immediate treatment of pain. It is also important to take Joint Support as a preventive treatment. This product prevents the degradation of cartilage. It also prevents complaints and ensures that joints being exposed to heavy training recover faster.

Joint Support on the basis of glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin sulphate is the ideal food supplement with a view to more agility !


Protect your joints before having pain!
- Prevents the degradation of cartilage 
- Useful substance to maintain flexibility in joints.
- Effective in the long term.
- Helps support mobility in joints
- Prevents joint pain 

Use of Performance Joint Support Glucosamine

Take daily 3 x 1 capsule with 100ml water.

Ingredients Performance Joint Support Glucosamine

D-glucosamine  sulphate  (from  shellfish),  chondroitin  sulphate,  bulking  agent  :  microcristalline  cellulose, capsule  : gelatin,  copper citrate, managanese  citrate. 

For a complete nutritional value overview, download the leaflet.
€ 36,90
€ 33,21
Product no longer available

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