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Description of Oralmedic Aphthae Applicator

Oralmedic is a recent, patented, revolutionary approach to aphtha (mouth ulcers). The ulcers disappear after a few seconds and a single application is sufficient. The ulcer is covered with a protective barrier, the best way to treat it.

Oralmedic is a container with 3 applicators (cotton-wool buds with HybenX) for 3 complete applications. A cotton-wool bud contains a fluid, which is applied to the ulcer for 5 to 10 seconds. Several mouth ulcers can be treated at the same time with one cotton-wool bud.

Mouth ulcers that re-occur regularly are often the result of reduced resistance or immunity.


For aphtas

Use of Oralmedic Aphthae Applicator

1. Clean the affected area dry with a cottonpad.

2. Take the applicator with the colored ring upwards, bend the colored ring to the side until it breaks, the liquid flows to the other end.

3. Apply the product for 5 seconds on the affected area. This creates a brief stinging sensation.

4. Rinse the mouth thoroughly with water and then spit out.

There is a white film visible on and around the Aphthae, which indicates that the product was properly applied. If the aphthae is still painful or not fully covered, then there is a new treatment necessary. Use a new applicator. Reapply again 5 seconds, then rinse well.

Ingredients Oralmedic Aphthae Applicator

HybenXTM (hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid, hydromethoxybenzene-sulfon acid, sulfuric acid, water, FD & C Red 40)
€ 10,75
€ 9,68

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