Herpatch Aphthae Gel 10 ml

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(€ 91,60 / 100 ml)
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Description of Herpatch Aphthae Gel

A mouth ulcer creates a wound and causes pain by stimulating exposed nerve endings.
HYA-PARASIL FILM TECHNOLOGY forms an instant barrier over the mouth ulcer, covering the exposed nerve endings, protects the wound and creates an ideal healing environment.
 1. Hyaluronic acid (HA) – essential component for the healing process.
 2. Blend of paraffin/silica/acrylates – a blend of paraffin, silica and acrylates, mucoadhesive, viscosity-controlling agents, forms an instant barrier over the mouth ulcer.

• Guarantees higher adhesion of the product to the oral mucosa.
• Fights dilution caused by saliva.
• Allows the gel to remain in place for a long period. The HA is released in a sustained form.


  • instant pain relieve
  • accelerates the healing process
  • strong protection

Use of Herpatch Aphthae Gel

Push a small amount of gel, the size of a drop, on your finger and apply the gel carefully on the
mouth ulcer. A healing and pain reducing barrier is formed.
€ 10,18
€ 9,16
(€ 91,60 / 100 ml)

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You can order Herpatch Aphthae Gel by Herpatch, produced by AXONE PHARMA T3 , in Japan at FARMALINE