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Description of Heimess Pacifier Necklace Plastic Heart

Beautiful pacifier necklace in bright colors. This Heimess pacifier necklace Heart has a length of 21 cm.
Material: Plastic

Heimess represents the best wooden toys for babies. The brand has extremely strict rules about the production, so your little one can't get hurt. The toys are made of high quality and safe natural material and can be taken by infants in the mouth without risk. This in addition to making it easy to clean. Safety is the most important and thanks to the dedication and commitment of Heimess safety is always guaranteed with their toys. Of course it's also fun for your little one when the toy looks cheerful. Toys of Heimess are characterized by bright colors and fun shapes. Children get the spontaneous desire to play at the sight of cute toys of Heimess. Do not wait any longer and check out the wide range of this quality and child-friendly brand.


Plastic pacifier necklace
21 cm long
€ 8,95
€ 8,06

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