Dermatix Topical Silicone Gel 15 g gel

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Description of Dermatix Topical Silicone Gel

Dermatix® is a clear quick-drying gel that helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance, whilst treating scars resulting from surgery, burns, and other injuries. Dermatix® has been shown to flatten, soften and smooth scars, relieve the pain, itching and discomfort of scars as well as reduce any associated redness. Dermatix® gel is easily applied to all areas of the skin, including the face, joints and flexures, and dries quickly to form an invisible “sheet“.
Dermatix®, made using the same basic long chain polymers as silicone gel sheeting, is available in a tube. The gel, containing polysiloxane, is available in tubes of 6 g, 15 g and 60 g.*

What is Dermatix® gel used for?
Dermatix® is used for the treatment and prevention of keloids and hypertrophic scars (such as those resulting from general surgical procedures, trauma wounds and burns), ideally used just after the wound has freshly healed and the skin surface becomes intact. It may also be used for prominent red immature scars that are actively healing; often up to two years post wound closure.


It is clinically proven that Dermatix significantly improves the appearance of scars. Dermatix is suitable for existing and new scars and even reduces scarring resulting from surgery, burns and other injuries.

For existing scars, treatment is generally the best result when scars are fresh, ie not more than 2 years old. Dermatix Silicone Gel makes scars flatter, softer, more elastic and therefore less visible. Dermatix also reduces redness, itching and pain of the scar Benefits of Dermatix silicone gel
  • Quick drying and easy to use
  • Transparent and discreet
  • Suitable for children and sensitive skin
  • Suitable for the whole body including the face
  • Maintains de moisture balance of te skin
  • Keeps skin elastic
  • No maceration
  • You can apply your makeup on the gel

Use of Dermatix Topical Silicone Gel

Remove the tube cap and cut the tip (for the 60 g tube, just remove the foil cover). Wash the affected area and pat dry since Dermatix® should only be applied to clean, dry skin. Gently massage a small amount of gel into the scar. If you apply too much gently wipe away any excess with a tissue in order to avoid staining of clothing. Once dry, Dermatix® may be covered with cosmetic blush. Apply once in the morning and once at night for a minimum period of at least two months; for difficult scars however, further treatment may be required. Dermatix® can also be used on children.

Ingredients Dermatix Topical Silicone Gel


Side effects of Dermatix Topical Silicone Gel

Rarely, the gel may cause redness, pain or irritation to the skin. If you are concerned about these or any other unwanted effects, consult your pharmacist or doctor


Dermatix® should not be applied to unhealed open wounds.
Dermatix® should not be placed in contact with mucous membranes, or applied too close to the eyes.
Dermatix® should not be applied over other skin treatments without the advice of your doctor.
€ 40,92
€ 36,83
(€ 245,53 / 100 g)

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