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Description of Caya Diafragma

The Caya® contoured diaphragm is a new female contraceptive barrier device made of silicone that is easy-to-use and hormone-free. Caya®  acts as a mechanical barrier that prevents sperm from entering the uterus.
Key Advantages
- Single-size design fits broad range of women (see more details below)
- Contoured rim is designed to comfortably fit the female anatomy
- Nylon versus metal ring rim for comfort and effective flexibility
- Latex free and NO side effects
- Economical – reusable, no waste
- Safe and reliable and Hormone-free
- Advanced design for ease for use, both insertion and removal


Caya® works for women who:
• One size fits MOST – Caya fits about 80% of all women
• For those who use or have been fitted for conventional diaphragms, Caya works for patient sizes 65mm to 80mm
• While a pelvic exam or traditional fitting is not a requirement for Caya use, if your size is unknown you should consider having your provider determine your size or “test fit” Caya to confirm that Caya will work for you


- Caya should always be used with a water-based contraceptive gel such as Gynol II vaginal contraceptive gel
- Caya diaphragms and some silicone-based lubricants are not compatible and therefore should not be used together. Use ONLY water-based lubricants.
- Caya is contraindicated if you were previously sized for conventional diaphragms of size 60mm or 85mm and larger
€ 36,50
€ 32,85

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    Love the hormone free nature of this! Easy to use, easy to put in, and sex feels great with it. I get no loss of sensation at all. Great product and I'm sure I'll use it for years.

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