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Description of Buggabandz Woman Anti-Mosquito Pink

BuggaBandZ® is an emerging brand designing and producing Natural Anti Mosquito Fashion BandZ for people of all ages…

BuggaBandZ contain essential oils derived from natural plant extracts proven to protect against Mosquitoes and a variety of other nasty insects such as Midges, Black Flies, Sand Flies, Fleas and Ticks.

BuggaBandZ diffuse a distinctive scent which forms a protective shield around the area of use, keeping pesky bugs a safe distance away!


Effective against mosquitoes and several other annoying insects such as Midges, Mourning Flies, Sand Flies and Ticks.     
  • travelling     
  • walking     
  • camping     
  • festivals     
  • fishing     
  • golfing     
  • outdoors     
  • Fashion

Use of Buggabandz Woman Anti-Mosquito Pink

Easy to use

No sprays, no oil, no mess!     
  • Water resistant     
  • Easy to carry (stretches and fits)     
  • A reclosable package     
  • Efficient operation for 200 hours
Extend the tenability by placing them in the reclosable package. When not in use, close the pack tightly.

Ingredients Buggabandz Woman Anti-Mosquito Pink

Natural essential oils
Active ingredient is Geranoil essential oil 20% silica Gel


  • Do not use if you have sensitive skin or skin allergies
  • If your skin is inflamed or becomes irritated, stop using the product and seek medical advice
  • Not stabbing in the mouth, by swallowing, seek medical advice immediately and show this label
  • Avoid contact with eyes, rinse immediately in case of contact with water
  • Perfumes and Body Sprays may affect the product strength.
  • Use extra precautions in high risk areas.
  • This product should not be used during pregnancy
€ 9,99
€ 8,99
Product no longer available

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