Multi-Gyn ActiGel + Applicator 50 ml tube

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(€ 26,44 / 100 ml)
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Description of Multi-Gyn ActiGel + Applicator

Multi-Gyn ActiGel is based on the patented 2QR-complex. This natural substance is extracted from plants and is composed of bioactive polysaccharides. It has the unique ability to block the adhesion of harmful bacteria and to neutralize such bacteria. This natural blocking effect is completely safe and harmless because it is not based on toxic substances or chemicals. It therefore has no negative side effects.

In addition to the important effect of blocking harmful bacteria, Multi-Gyn ActiGel supports the natural repair mechanisms of the fabric, and optimizes the mucosa of the condition. It instantly provides a proper vaginal acidity (pH). The useful lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacilli) are stimulated in their development and in this way Multi-Gyn ActiGel creates an optimal flora that prevents inconveniences.


Multi-Gyn ActiGel
  • treats and prevents BV
  • prevents unpleasant odor and separation
  • works instantly soothing with itching, soreness and irritation
  • restores the natural pH value
  • optimizes the vaginal flora and condition of the mucous membrane
  • can be used both externally and internally

Use of Multi-Gyn ActiGel + Applicator

You can use Multi-Gyn ActiGel as often as you like, in fact every time you suffer from inconveniences such as itching, discharge, odor, burning or irritation, or to prevent them.

Ingredients Multi-Gyn ActiGel + Applicator

Galactoarabinan Polyglucoronic Acid Crosspolymer *, Xanthan Gum, Glycerin, Caprylyl Glycol * 2QR complex: patented bio-active polysaccharides.

Side effects of Multi-Gyn ActiGel + Applicator

Since Multi-Gyn ActiGel has an optimum degree of acidity, and semen is alkaline, the presence of Multi-Gyn ActiGel in the vagina can affect the activity of the sperm. So if you want to become pregnant you should not use ActiGel in the hours immediately before and after intercourse. No other side-effects are known.


It is advised to keep Multi-Gyn ActiGel at room temperature (between 10 ° C and 25 ° C).
€ 14,69
€ 13,22
(€ 26,44 / 100 ml)