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Description of Halita Tongue Scraper

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The HALITA® tongue cleaner is specifically designed to reach the most inaccessible areas of the tongue.
It has two sides, one with a ridged surface for cleaning the V-shaped groove, and the other with a flat surface for cleaning the sides of the tongue. 
The tongue is the place in the oral cavity where the greatest amount of bacteria accumulates. That is why it is very important every day to remove bacterial film and food debris that build up on the tongue. This will prevent the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria that produce malodorous gases (VSC).
HALITA® tongue cleaner allows for easy tongue cleaning.


For daily use to ensure adequate oral hygiene.

Use of Halita Tongue Scraper

Clean the middle part of your tongue, using the side of the cleaner that has a ridge. 
Hold the tongue cleaner by the handle so that the ridge is facing down. 
Stick out your tongue, insert the tongue cleaner in your mouth and try to reach the furthest portion of your tongue. 
Swipe the cleaner over the middle of your tongue toward the front of your mouth. Rinse the cleaner with water. 
Clean the sides of your tongue using the flat side of the cleaner. Rinse the cleaner after each swipe. 
Once finished, rinse thoroughly with water.
€ 6,25
€ 5,63

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